Screenshot revealing new buttons added to Windows Phone 8.1

Posted on Dec 15 2013 - 8:35pm by lordeon

Even if  Windows Phone 8.1 is in testing, a screenshot published by @evleaks shows how Microsoft wants to replace physical navigation buttons with virtual buttons, we are talking here of the standard button,back button and search button on Windows.
Through it one can understand that Microsoft wants to help reduce the cost of manufacturing the devices mobile which will have built-in Windows Phone 8.1, offering an option for mobile terminal manufacturers to replace in the future physical buttons with virtuale ones who will find on the device screen.


Even if now the photo looks very few things about Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft will unveil more details to BUILD 2014 conference which will take place in April next year where it anticipates to find out more informations about “CORTANA” rival “personal assistant SIRI” from Apple.

  • roko