Counter Strike: Global Offensive nowhere to be found on Linux!

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 4:33pm by Seraphinne
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Valve made a promise in which it affirmed that all games made by the company or under its tutelage will be available on Linux. However, Counter Strike: Global Offensive isn’t!


Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been launched for almost a year and all the fans put the same question: “when will it be available on Linux platform”. Comments are studded all over the social media: on forums, on the official website, Twitter or Facebook.

The only excuse the company found it is about a problem of porting the game for the Linux platform. Even it utilizes the Source engine, that already powers some Linux games, they announced it isn’t so easy to make Counter Strike: Global Offensive work on the open source platform.

Another mistake that made by the company is the absence of Portal 2 from Valve catalog, which is supposed to be related to the first malfunction.

Over all the apologies, Steam for Linux users still want to know the release dates of these two, asking to be launch at least before the Half-life 3.