8 Champs Unlocked in New League of Legends Starter Pack

Posted on Feb 15 2014 - 12:07pm by Seraphinne
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CRM Manager, DontHassleDaHoff announced 17 hours ago that they have come in the aid of players with a great deal.
“We’re always working on ways to make the League of Legends experience better for new players. Lately, we’ve gotten a ton of feedback that new players want a slick beginner bundle to kickstart their killing sprees.”

In order to fix that, they have “handpicked some newb survival gear and rolled it into a Starter Pack: 8 champs, a 4-win IP boost and a 10-win XP boost for 530 RP.”

So the game can be played with a partner, no matter if it’s your Valentine or a sibling.

Starting today, on the game’s server from North America these following champs are unlocked:
Warwick, Master Yi, Sivir, Garen, Ryze, Ashe, Annie and Nunu – you will receive a XP boost that lasts for 10 wins and an IP boost good for four wins.

Source:Forum LOL