Zero Escape 3 Has Chances of Seeing Daylight only because of the Operation Bluebird

Posted on Feb 17 2014 - 9:16pm by Seraphinne


Kotaro Uchitoshi wrote in several tweets last week, that Zero Escape hasn’t been “green-lit” yet, mainly because the previous two games didn’t raised at the company’s director expectation and the apparition of a third one is still unsure.

The good news is that fans can move the balance in their favour. A fan campaign named Operation Bluebird was born on Facebook and it is about convincing a large number of people to vote thumbs up for the Zero Escape 3 because there are many fans who want to know how the story ends.
As its fans already know, the game ended on a great cliffhanger which lays the base for the third entry, whose subject is very discussed.

Uchikoshi is supporting the campaign, he had shared it on his own Facebook page on his profile and on Twitter. As a positive hint, he revealed that “various matters are now under consideration,” which only let us hope the best.