The Whole List of BF 4 Commander App Updates

Posted on Mar 27 2014 - 6:12pm by Seraphinne


DICE new free app will allow gamers to develop a critical understanding form, deploy war belongings, administer squad-based team play “from a bird’s eye view” of the battleground exposed on their tablet.

The app will support PC versions, current and next-gen console game’s variants.

The entire list with all updates is displayed below, and DICE adds that it hopes to add VOIP support on Xbox One very soon.


Fixed an issue where commanders ended up on the same team after round transition.
Assignment fixes.
Support for Naval Strike added.
Performance optimizations.
Localization fixes.
Other minor fixes.


Gunship VO fixed.
Added Rapid deploy VO.
Added background audio for Second Assault and China Rising maps.

UI – New features

HVT marking is only enabled when actually usable, possible HVT targets have blinking brackets around them.
Added server name to scoreboard.
Now displaying soldier names when a squad is selected.
Squad progression bar added to squads.
Booster score added to EOR screen
Added indicator to show which soldier is talking on voip.
Enabled dropping squad assets on the squad list.

UI – Bug fixes

Rush defender icons were too large, they are now smaller.
When the scoreboard is displayed the user can no longer issue orders or use assets.
Commander can now see when vehicles are firing.
Increased viewable area on several maps.
Fixed assets getting stuck when dragged and interupted by proxy attack.
Fixed issues with the game round timer.
Fixed scoring widget for Rush.
Fixed an issue where orders couldn’t be given to squads.


Fixed mute toggle functionality.
Added options to always show chat and hide chat.
Improved VOIP quality on several devices.