Sony’s updating PS4 ShareFactory Lip Sync. Final 15 unrecorded minutes will be fixed

Posted on May 31 2014 - 9:47am by Seraphinne
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The video editing suite for Playstation 4, ShareFactory, will be updated in the next days. Stuart Platt, Sr. Producer and Sony Computer Entertainment working on ShareFactory declared they will reveal more details soon.

Stuart tweeted: “SHAREfactory update info coming soon. Pretty soon. Stay tuned. Thanks for the continued support and feedback.”

Additionally, ShareFactory’s team is working on lip sync with audio/visual commentary issue and final 15 minutes of the game play aren’t recorded on PS4.

Both issues were faced by a lot of PS gamers. We’re hoping the problems will be resolved quickly, as we all know how annoying can be every small detail that doesn’t work during the game.

Do you encounter any other issues in the game? Leave us a comment bellow.

  • Guest

    Too bad those features will remain unintuitive.

    • Till

      Keep trollin’ trollin’ ~

    • xmod3563

      Psst…. if you spend 10 minutes trying it out and experimenting, you will find Sharefactory is really easy to use. Its an awesome piece of software for the PS4.

      • andy

        He would need to own a PlayStation console after the PS2 for that to happen first. ^_^

    • Axe99

      Have you used it (or other video editors)? I’ve put together four vids now, and it’s by far the most intuitive video editor I’ve used. I’m guessing you be trolling.

      • Jordan

        which is why he post as a “guest”

  • Alkaporty

    I can’t count all the footage I lost because the freaking PS4 wasn’t recording, glad they will fix it!