Official Debut of Ryse: Son of Rome DLC, Mars’ Chosen Pack Announced for February 28

Posted on Feb 17 2014 - 6:49pm by Seraphinne


Ryse: Son of Rome DLC, Mars’ Chosen Pack, has be announced by Microsoft officials to be launched on February 28.
As part of the Season Pass it was priced $8.99.

You will be able to find in the new DLC: fresh maps, a Legionary character skin and an additional cooperative gameplay in Survival Mode.

In the Survival mode the aim is to fight for as long as you can, and you will have by your side a gladiator. Your enemy is represented by a huge wave of barbarians as your health gradually drains.

Two of the five new maps – Firestorm and Dockyard, two of the five maps were made specially for the Survival Mode. Another map, Courtyard has been optimized. The last two maps, Pyramid and Obelisk will carry gamers into the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt.

There will be 10 days of sales on Ryse: Don of Rome via the Xbox Games.
Starting with tomorrow until 24 the price is reduced and can be bought with £34.99 in the UK.
You will be able to enjoy discounts from February 25 to 27, too, and further details will be posted soon.