GTA 5 for Xbox One and PS4 Is expected to Have Low Earnings

Posted on Feb 4 2014 - 5:07pm by Seraphinne
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Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter wrote a research report relating to Take-Two financial results, in which he revealed that an Xbox One and PS 4 release of GTA 5 will not be as popular as the Xbox 360 and PS 3 versions.

“We think that GTA 5 sales were front-end loaded, and a next generation version of the game is unlikely to achieve its historical attach rates,” He motivated his opinions by adding that “we believe that few gamers who intended to purchase GTA held off their purchases at launch, given that it has as yet to be announced for next-generation consoles.”

As for his thoughts about the launch of next-generation console variant of the game, he wrote that they “will have great appeal to those next generation console purchasers who have not yet purchased the current generation version, but we think this is a small subset of next generation console purchasers in 2013 – 2014.”

Patcher doesn’t have big expectations about GTA contribution to Rockstar’s funds.
“We are also pessimistic that GTA Online will contribute meaningful profits in the next fiscal year,” declared Pachter. “The game is available only to consumers who purchase GTA 5, limiting the addressable market to a fraction of the typical multiplayer audience.”

The numbers show it obviously: “While it is clear that the game has monetized well, it was only a portion of the $132.8 million in digital revenues Take-Two generated during the quarter. We think it is important to note that Take-Two generated $105.5 million in digital revenue during the prior quarter, suggesting that at most, GTA Online is contributing $27 million per quarter.”

Patcher thinks that the game can be expanded by making it free for all users. We will see if Rockstar will keep in mind his opinion.


  • dapaintrain

    Id buy it again just so i can play it with a smoother frame rate even without graphical improvements on the ps4

  • Arnold Stallone

    i stopped playing it at around 55%, on my ps3, because other games got released, and i started playing them, and couldn’t allocate the tremendous amount of time gta5 requires, to be fully enjoyed.

    and even with the great graphics it has, on almost 10 years old hardware, i couldn’t help but saying, while playing “damn, how would all this look, at 1080P, on a ps4, with perfect clear textures, 3 times more polygons, for people, npcs, and main characters, with even better effects, more realistic buildings, smoother animations, better framerate, etc etc”

    a new gta6 , on a new engine, would require at least 3-4 full years to make. the engine will have to perfectly utilise the 6-7 gb of gddr5, along the 8 cores, and all the 64 acus.etc etc- then, there’s a convincing story, and perfect mocap. on next gen, the city will have to be at least 2-3 times bigger(why not use the available power of the new hardware?). i wish(on of my personal dreams in videogames, for the future) they could make an engine, that would allow the creation of a huge town, with thousands of different buildings, and where we could enter and open EACH door, on each building, and enter the flats, or rooms, with people everywhere, with random stuff to grab, tresors, trophies, all kind of stuff, etc. no more buildings with a texture of door.if there is a door, we can enter, like in real life.i am sure with all the ram on next gen, it would be possible to generate a city like that, and have the engine populate, it, use random textures, fournitures, etc).

    why i say this ?
    because a gta game takes many years to make, and it’s impossible to guess what will the trends be, in 2016-2017. maybe people stopped using facebook. maybe people got fed up of playing the 24th call of duty game/clone, maybe people won’t care about a new gta game.

    at least, in 2014, rockstar knows there are a few good millions of gamers out there, that would like to play gta5 in 1080p.
    why starting a new 200 million $ production now, when all they need is a couple of months to port the engine to next gen, increase the polygon count on everything, increase the resolution to 1080p, reduce compression on textures, and maybe with 2-3 million $ on resources for adapting the engine and everything else, a few coders and designers, and there they have, a ps4 gta5 version, ready to sell 2-5 million units in a couple of months, with no effort.

    gta5 on next gen, before june 2014? i believe it will happen

  • Dennis Crosby

    I hope they take advantage of both consoles when it’s released .both will run 1080p 30fps but the ps4 should have some uses of the touch pad and if the go the route of leaving the ps4 version unlocked and the xboxone version lock 30fps the better use the azure cloud dedicated servers for the online. Speaking about online I hope the boost the count of the player to at least 32 player and allow you to buy mansions

  • jspillen

    Pachter is a hater… he just searches the news for things to predict failure upon. What a blowhard !!!

  • Thwip

    As a PS4 owner, GTAV is one of only a few, more recent PS3 titles that I would be willing to double-dip on. The others (for me) would be The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, and maybe BioShock Infinite. I suspect I am not alone in this regard.

    However, I would be more likely to make these purchases at a reduced rate, similar to the upgrade model CoD: Ghosts and BF4 followed. I would have even double-dipped on Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition had the price been lower, or offered to PS3 purchasers of the title, at a lower price. The magic number (for me) would have been $39.99 or less.