EA, Ubisoft and Rockstar wish their fans a Happy Valentine!

Posted on Feb 15 2014 - 3:05pm by Seraphinne

Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, biggest games Companies competed in bringing the best declarations to their fans.

Electronic Arts

EA felt it was sufficient just to ask fans which game caught their heart and post a picture with glimpses of Battlefield 4, Fifa 14 or a passionate scene from Sims.



While EA posted a quick photo, Ubisoft wished all fans a “Happy Valentine’s Day” through a special album where they wrote:” We’re celebrating with some of our favourite characters and their nearest and dearest.”
Carefully selected pictures of couples such as Ezio and Sofia, Altair and Maria, even Rayman and “his beloved heart” and many others created a romantic atmosphere on Ubisoft’s Official Facebook Page.



Rockstar Games, the official page for Rockstar posted a funny unique “Precious homemade Valentine’s Day Cards featuring unlikely heartthrob Trevor Philips”. Check the page to find out more pictures.