Cross-platform between PC and PlayStation 4 through War Thunder

Posted on Jun 2 2014 - 7:42pm by Seraphinne
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What do you think, PC or PS4 is better? Instead of choosing a side, now you have the chance of experiencing both. You can war across platforms through War Thunder. It will bring PC and PlayStation 4 together on a cross-platform multiplayer “very, very soon.”

We all know that Quake III players on PC smashed their Dreamcast counterparts. Also FASA’s Shadowrun FPS believed so much that mouse controls were better than Xbox 360 gamepad that it wonkified aiming for PC gamers.
Unlike these two situations, War Thunder will utilize matchmaking, so players will be brought together based on the results of their play, no matter what’s in their hands.

However, this is a chance of experiencing a cross-platform game, which isn’t a very met event, because companies believe it’s not worth it. On the other side, free to play games need as much players as they can get, which it’s an essential step for their existence.

Hopefully there will be more free to play developers ready to take a chance on cross-platforms. Until then, see you on War Thunder.

  • Guest

    Why would I want to play with console peasants?

    • Dale

      No one cares what you want. I personally would like to play games with people on my PC who have PS4’s but cannot afford a high end gaming system. Very narrow minded indeed.

    • deSSy2724

      Who cares about your opinion?

    • andy

      But you have no problem playing with the people that can’t afford a €3000 PC lol?